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jumping through the hoops
29th-Jul-2013 07:47 am
People always give advice about bedtime. Don't let them cry, let them cry, lock them in the room, be tough, blah blah.
We used to stay at Ruby's bedside until 10pm to make sure she was asleep. I would also try to be there before she woke in the morning at 7am. I know she woke during the night and there was nothing I could do, but for some reason being there to put her to bed and get her up was important.

Now she wants me to lay down with her at night. We read a book. I "wrap her up tight" in her blankets. Then we talk. We talk about the day. I answer all the questions. I mean ALL THE QUESTIONS. At some point I say "Ruby I will answer all your questions in the morning." So, she whispers questions to herself until she falls asleep.

I fought this routine. I wanted to sit and watch TV, drink some wine, and relax. I was done. Then I remembered all those days when I came close to loosing her or not ever having her. So I sucked it up. The thing is, now it's routine. It's also one of my favorite parts of the day. I can't imagine not doing it.

So the kitchen might not be cleaned up, laundry unfolded, knitting projects left in the bag, and wine not opened. I do however get to have in depth conversations about the color of eyelashes and poop.
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