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jumping through the hoops
Wow it's June. JUNE! 
1st-Jun-2012 09:19 pm
Where did May go? Ruby finished her first year of preschool. Three years ago I was afraid to think about things like that. Herbie is almost walking. Seriously I have an 8 month old who is almost fucking walking. He is also this bundle of joy and slobbery kisses. In short they are worth it all. Every fucking blood draw, follicle check, and every single day I walked through the doors at CHOP. All worth it.

I've been busy. Busy with my two kids. I haven't read blogs much lately. Which is why it hit me so hard to learn that another baby died. This one was 17 months old and never got to go home. She was happy and her family loved her. I am sad for the Mom. I am sad for the little girl. I am also happy that she is at peace.

Moving on to working out. I rode my bike for the first time in 6 years. I had to go buy a bigger size in bike shorts. None of my jerseys fit, but I'm too cheap to buy a bigger size in those too. I'll be able to wear them again one day. Soon hopefully. I've been running about 15 miles a week. I'd like to be at 20 in October to start marathon training. I haven't had a chance to get to the pool this week. Hopefully with Ruby in camp next week it'll happen.
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