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jumping through the hoops
I know 
30th-Mar-2012 09:48 pm
I go and have two kids and I neglect the blog. The blog in which I lamented for years about my inability have to have children. Cliche? Maybe. Honestly, most days I'm lucky to brush my teeth. Seriously. It's hard. It's hard living the life I always wanted. You see when you get the life you always wanted it might not be all you imagined. The big things are here. That's what matters.

I wasn't prepared for just how fucking tired I would be. I certainly wasn't prepared for having days where I struggle at liking being a parent.

I've been to hell and back. I've got my dreams. I just wish I could drop the guilt about the fact even dreams are hard work.

When is it OK for me to complain about being a parent? I suspect never.

Infertility took so much including my ability to bitch about my children.
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