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jumping through the hoops
10th-Jan-2012 01:54 pm
I know I'm not supposed to complain I wanted this. It's just a bit hard some days. Chris ahs been on call this week. I haven't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep total a night since Thursday. No one is sleeping well in our house. Someone is always awake. I think even the house it self is tired.

Part of it is Chris being oncall. Part of it due to developmental milestons. Fucking milestones. Seriously neither of them sleep well when they are going through one. Herbie is rolling over and babbling non-stop. Ruby is talking in longer sentences. I feel like they have both achieved some new things and it's time to sleep again.

I did manage to swim 2100 yards and run 3 miles yesterday. Today is my rest day. Tomorrow I have 4 miles and 2100ish yards on my schedule.
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