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jumping through the hoops
29th-Dec-2011 07:39 pm
**** I edited this. I realized my running goal was totally silly. Not attainable at all this year. I'm not one to set myself up for failure.*****
I hate them, but I'm gonna try this year.

1. Get down to pre- first pregnancy weight. That's 41 lbs to be exact. 21 lbs pre-Herbie pregnancy. 31 to pre-Ruby. 41 to pre-pregnancy number 1. Yes those numbers are correct. I'm tall I carry weight well.

2 Run 1500 miles that an average of 28 miles a week.
3. Swim 41600 yards that's 8000 a week.
4. Weight train at least once a week.
5.Take a trip ALL BY MYSELF.
6. Knit every one in the family a sweater and a pair of socks.
7. Sew Chris two shirts.
8. LAUNDRY. Get that shit under control.
9. Bake three loaves of bread a week.
10. Get my gardens back to their former glory.

I think that's about it.
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